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Estonia is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. The Republic of Estonia was founded on the 24th of February 1918. Before World War II Estonia was one of the most successful countries in Europe in terms of the development of its industry, agriculture and culture. Soviet occupation brought a temporary halt to our statehood in June 1940. Estonia regained its independence on the 20th of August 1991.

Tourism in Tallinn city

Tallinn is a well-known port and tourist destination on the Baltic Sea. An old Hanseatic town, it is the biggest city in Estonia, covering an area of 159,2 km² (Estonia 45 227 km²) and with a population of almost 400.000 Tallinn’s districts are unique in their own way: the entrancing Old Town with its medieval architecture, little shops, cafés, restaurants; green and bohemian suburbs like Kalamaja; and districts with Soviet-era architecture like Musta-mäe, Lasnamäe.

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The Climate in Tallinn

The climate in torism Tallinn is characterized by a fairly cold winter, a cool spring with little precipitation, a moderately warm summer and a long and rainy autumn. However, some summers have weeks at a stretch of temperatures around +30°C, and a warm, sunny summer can keep autumn at bay until mid-October.
Average temperature in July +16,7°C
Average temperature in February -4°C

Time in Tallinn

Estonia is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours. In summer: GMT + 3 hours.